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By Löwenstein is a danish company pursuing the philosophy of designing new experiences. The company was founded in autumn 2015 by danish industrial designer Ulrick Löwenstein who has a background designing Bang & Olufsen, Gaggenau and Jacob Jensen products. In January 2016, Mr. Löwenstein decided to invite investors onboard.

His latest collection "SHARK" was introduced with great success at the Herning Formland fair February, 2016. In August the collection was selected to be part of the  autumn trend exhibition at the international design fair Formex in Stockholm.  

The collection presents shark fin-shaped sculptural cutting boards and porcelain dinnerware.

The cutting board is available in two sizes and made of solid Oak, Ash or mahogany hard wood. The tip of the board functions as a handle and due to the thickness of 44mm it will stand as an elegant sculpture when not in use.

Interestingly, the porcelain plates can be set in three different positions opening up for new ways of arranging your table. Besides the three positions the organic shape of the plate also provides alternative ways of presenting your dinner.

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